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for those who want a super-fast website and zero server administration.



    and BACKUPS


All you need next to WPX HOSTING is a domain and a mail service like Gmail if you need @yourDomain.com

WP Website  
Visits/month 20.000
Disk space 10GB
Database 40MB
Redis 20MB
PHP opCache 64MB
Daily backups Yes
WP Store  
Visits/month 35.000
Disk space 20GB
Database 80MB
Redis 20MB
PHP opCache 128MB
Daily backups Yes

WP Store means you have WooCommerce installed.
You can start with WP Website and upgrade your plan to WP Store later.

Hosting plans are charged YEARLY

Prices exclude VAT.

#payAsYouGrow Included resources are very generous and enough for most cases.
In cases of higher traffic or data growth your site will be running normally but using extra resources is charged extra:
Every starting 1.000 visits or 1GB Disk space or 10MB Database costs 1€/month when used.

"Nobody likes a slow website" (Pingdom Tools). That is why there are

177.000.000 Google results for "How To Speed Up WordPress"

If you have no desire for searching, reading a lot and investigating or have exausted all options and see that the bottleneck is bad hosting, try WPX.

It takes quite a few things for a real Wordpress-adjusted hosting and a fast webpage.

WPX HOSTING provides you
that the best Wordpress sites and wooCommerce stores have:

  • 1

    A very fast "cached" website that is served to most of your visitors
  • 2

    Speed optimizations for non-cached or non-cacheable pages

How is that reflected in real-life usage vs. an unoptimized installation?

  • Server Response time for most visitors is much faster
    (even 99% faster1)
  • WPX-optimized site can serve a lot more visitors
    (1.000x more on a same server1)

1) You can read full article about this Benhmarks at "Benchmarking different types of cache on Wordpress" (Klik-MALL.com)

Impact of WPX setup

Website: Slovenia-trips.com
Google Analytics: Server response time

Project: Moving a webpage from a really fast server to a WPX-optimized setup.

Full post: FastCGI, Cache, Wordpress, Slovenia-trips.com (lang: SI)

How to start

You only need 2 things next to WPX hosting:

  1. Domain (i.e. mywebsite.com)
  2. Email service, if you want to have @yourdomain.com email addresses (i.e. Google Apps with a Gmail or Outlook.com)

When we set up your hosting you get:

  1. Username + password to log in to Wordpress Admin area
  2. Hidden URL for that login page

You start with a WP login screen on your domain & website.
Zero (0) time with server, SSH, FTP, cPanel... required on your side.

  • 1
    Choose a plan and @mail to order
  • 2
    Point your DNS servers fr your domain to our IP
  • 3
    We'll set your hosting and send you username & password
  • 4
    Log in and start using your fast website
  • 30 DAYS
    if not satisfied

Contact for order or more info:


It often takes a couple of hours for all the settings and hosting to be ready.

If you already have a website/webshop and need help with MIGRATION, we can help.

GALLERY: Performance for better user experience

A couple of tests we did with well-known webpage benchmarking tools. Check comments for additional info.

One of the pictures shows you a test with a "LOGGED IN USER" which bypasses "Full page cache" and requires a server to create a response in real-time. Score of 99% on an uncached page is a testament to WPX RAW performance and is a proof that it is not a "one trick pony" that can only provide fast "cached" results and look good in benchmarks. If you are looking for a good WooCommerce hosting (as there are many super important UN-CACHEABLE pages like "Cart") this is what what you need to look for.

WPX HOSTING is a maxxed out software and hardware setup that will run your website as fast as it can be ran.

Find out more about our R&D on topics of Wordpress performance, PHP, cache-ing...:

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