How does it help knowing hosting is not the bottleneck

If your site would still be too slow, something else other than hosting is slowing it down. There is great value in being able to eliminate hosting as a potential bottleneck ("Often it's a black box below my site I do not know what it is doing and have no access to it") and be able to focus on pictures, plugins... when trying to improve things.


How capable is a default WPX setup that you get?


It can return ~1000 requests/sec and with very low response times!

We ran an Apache bench benchmark from another LAN based server

ab -c 12 -t 10

Here are the results of ab benchmark (not just that it is capable of returning 1.000reqs/sec. Maybe even more fascinating is that server responses were on avg. 4 msec and consistently very low.

This is ApacheBench, Version 2.3 <$Revision: 1807734 $>
Copyright 1996 Adam Twiss, Zeus Technology Ltd,
Licensed to The Apache Software Foundation,

Benchmarking (be patient)
Completed 5000 requests
Completed 10000 requests
Finished 10021 requests

Server Software:        nginx/1.18.0
Server Hostname:
Server Port:            443
SSL/TLS Protocol:       TLSv1.2,ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256,2048,128
TLS Server Name:

Document Path:          /
Document Length:        20055 bytes

Concurrency Level:      12
Time taken for tests:   10.001 seconds
Complete requests:      10021
Failed requests:        0
Total transferred:      205554141 bytes
HTML transferred:       200971155 bytes
Requests per second:    1001.99 [#/sec] (mean)
Time per request:       11.976 [ms] (mean)
Time per request:       0.998 [ms] (mean, across all concurrent requests)
Transfer rate:          20071.40 [Kbytes/sec] received

Connection Times (ms)
              min  mean[+/-sd] median   max
Connect:        4    8   2.1      7      20
Processing:     1    4   3.0      3     206
Waiting:        1    3   2.9      2     205
Total:          5   12   3.6     11     218

Percentage of the requests served within a certain time (ms)
  50%     11
  66%     13
  75%     14
  80%     14
  90%     16
  95%     18
  98%     19
  99%     21
 100%    218 (longest request)

Main benefits of having my wordpress site hosted on WPX



WPX is a hosting setup we designed to run a Wordpress site as quickly as possible while allowing a site owner max. editing freedom. In other words: it will run your content and selected design as fast as it can be ran.

You do not have to install or worry about any speed-optimizations besides keeping your content and pictures optimal. You do not have to deal with any of the server-side stuff.

It takes quite a few things for a really adjusted Wordpress hosting and a fast Wordpress webpage. This package includes many best-practices, a specialized server setup and above-average resources no common shared hosting will provide.



What else do I need besides WPX hosting?

You only need 2 things next to WPX hosting:

  1. Domain (i.e.
  2. Email service, if you want to have email addresses (i.e. Google Apps with a Gmail or

Things that are included in WPX hosting:

  • Server space for your hosting
  • Server configuration for your domain & wordpress site
  • Regular server administration and maintainance
  • Regular backups

When we set up your hosting you get:

  1. Username + password to log in to Wordpress Admin area
  2. Hidden URL for that login page

How fast is WPX hosting?

WPX hosting could be the fastest Wordpress hosting you've ever used. It reflects what the best WP hosting providers and WP owners have:
  1. An extremely fast (cached) website for most of your visitors.
  2. A reasonably fast wp-admin area and non-cached public pages.


Wordpress is well known as being a very slow CMS/platform as soon as you install a prettier theme and add some plugins. To make things worse its technology stack (PHP, mySQL database...) is a poor fit for common shared webhostings. A result is a slow site and a very bad user experience.

To demonstrate how fast is our WPX setup we tested our demo site for RESPONSIVENESS (Importance of Time to first byte or. TTFB) and the number of REQUESTS/sec it is able to serve in comparisson to an installation without speed enhancements.

Responsiveness. Smaller is better

Requests/sec. Bigger is better

Benchmarks in numbers

Higher is better
Relative to BASE PERF. Avg. TTFB (ms)
Lower is better
Relative to BASE PERF.
BASE performance 9.29 100% 1250 100%
WPX hosting (FastCGI) 1097.29 11812% 5 0.40%

In plain words: WPX optimizations provide ALMOST INSTANT response times for website visitors + is ABLE to SERVE ~118x more visits than a regular, unoptimized installation ON A SAME SERVER. This gets you the best user experience and is pretty much the best case scenario you can get if want to stick to using Wordpress.

We hand-picked our hardware, tuned software and have a customized server setup for max. effect so each installation acts as a VPS that is highly optimized for Wordpress.

Full post on this test can be seen at Benchmarking different types of cache on Wordpress ( Blog: Development)




Pre-installed plugins required for optimal WPX hosting

Our goal was to provide a turn-key solution that would allow a website owner to customize his site in terms of design and plugins as freely as possible. Most of our adjustments are server based and there are only a couple of pre-installed plugins that help provide this awesome performance out-of-box.

WPX provides 3 (tested and supported) plugins for performance optimization and 1 for security enhancment:

NGINX Helper WP Plugins Speed
Redis Object cache WP Plugins Speed
WP OPcache WP Plugins Speed
WPS hide login WP Plugins Security


These are "top of the class" solutions for their purpose, but are often excluded from cheap hostings as they require more resources (mainly RAM), additional installations, more security steps...

You do not need other plugins that primarily provide these functionalities as they will only bloat your installation, slower you site and can even cause incompatibilities with our pre-defined setup.

Installing huge All-in-One plugins that are designed for hostings without above mentioned optimizations can bring more bad than good. Example: WP Rocket is a highly regarded premium speed optimization plugin. But you do not need it as FastCGI is much faster and pre-installed.


List of notable settings and potential limitations

If you are a regular website owner that just wants to install his theme and edit his content, there are no limitations that require your attention. You can skip this semi-technical topic.

Notes below are primarily ment for more advanced users, owners that are looking to move to new hosting and ant to check compatibility and resellers.

Our goal was to provide a turn-key solution that would allow a website owner to customize his site in terms of design and plugins as freely as possible. Most of our adjustments are server based and there are only a couple of pre-installed plugins that help provide this awesome performance out-of-box.

Other preinstalled options and settings Def. value Desc.
WPS hide login Moves standard /wp-login.php form to a secret URL as part of better security.
Blocked /xmlrpc.php NGINX setting that blocks a common point of attack and usage abuse on an obsolete WP feature.
Apache HTTP server Apache is not available with WPX hosting setup prmarily due to a lack of FastCGI
.htacess Without Apache .htacess rules are not available
PHP version 7.4 Other versions available: 7.3
Max. upload size 50MB PHP
Max. upload files at once 20 PHP
opCache PHP
Restricted PHP functions : phpinfo, exec, shell_exec...
PHP opCache
Redis database Dedicated, password protected
NGINX fastCGI Enabled by default. Can be turned off, but will cause much slower website and burn uncached quota quicker.
NGINX fastCGI . WPX is set in such way that potential cached content by FastCGI is cleaned after changing the content of the page. Checking the page on your website should display a modified, new content.
NGINX fastCGI notes Requires wordpress permalinks in friendly url form (/sample-page/, not ?id=123).
"Purge All" via wp-admin/NGINX-helper can issue an eroor or not clean all cached files immediately. There can be linux user permissions issue that cause this error. Wait 15-30min for our cron job to set these and after that it purge-all cache works fine. In case of ongoing issues or emergency, please, feel free to contact us.
html, css, js compression NGINX settings
Headers for static resources (jpg, png, webp, gif) NGINX settings
HTTPS We create and maintain SSL certificates for your domain
TLS 1.2/1.3
wp-config.php moved to non-public folder Good security practice
wp-config.php modifications Disabled by default. We can modify it per your request.
WP_CRON Disabled by default, but with Linux CRON job set 1/h.
DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT Disabled by default. Can be eanbled per request.
WAF: Usage rate limiter Detection of abusive usage may trigger a temp. or permanent ban of visitors IP.
External benchmarking Benchmark tests like "Apache bench" will trigger a ban by our WAF. It you need this data or have a test in mind, contact us.
Terminal (SSH) access
FTP access
cPanel etc.

In cases when these options would be required, we will, if aplicable, do it as part of included server administration.

A list of plugins that might add some benefit to WPX hosting:

(Always look for 4+ ratings and well-known developers)
CSS minimizers
JavaScript minimizers
WP security plugins Wordfence Security
iThemes Security
All In One WP Security & Firewall
SEO plugins Yoast SEO
CDN plugins If you have an external CDN like AWS S3 or Cloudflare
Image optimizers. Should not be needed as you should optimize pictures before publishing them on web. Compress JPEG & PNG images
Imagify – Optimize your Images & Convert WebP
EWWW Image Optimizer
Lazy loading images. (Though this will be implemented into browsers by default in near future)

Here we will list more notable and popular plugins that will provide little to no benefit by installing them.

WP Rocket
LiteSpeed Cache
WP super cache (or any plugin that creates static html files as cached pages)
Cloudflare (APO) will provide little to no benefits unless your target visitors or buyers are all over the world. Serving cached pages with WPX FastCGI setup will provide similar results and exclude potential issues taking care of APO cached content on CF servers.
Currently empty, but may change


What wordpress-adjusted security measures are in place?

Security measures are mostly set in 4 places:

  1. Main firewall into our private-cloud
  2. Web application firewall (before outside user even gets to your website)
  3. At server-level configuration where your site is located
  4. Within your wordpress installation

Some of these include: 

WAF (web application firewall) with a set of rules like:

  • Block outside requests to /wp-login.php (screenshot) before it even reaches your website. All login pages are moved to secret addresses.
  • Usage monitor and rate-limiter designed to detect abusive usage and temporariliy or permanently block a user.
  • Blocking useless and bad "bots" that provide no value to your site causing only unnecessary server and bandwidth usage.

Server-level (NGINX) is configured to:

  • Block xmlrpc.php
  • Block calling
  • Block calling files

Wordpress configuration:

  • wp-config.php (inluding credentials, passwords...) is placed in a non-public folder for additional protection
  • Hidden login page provides a great security step as it prevents hackers attacking one the most common points of attack - login form, which is by default found at 

HTTPS secured page with SSL/Lets Encrypt certificates.

No SSH or (S)FTP access to servers hosting your site is available outside of our private cloud.

What kind of backups we provide

Regular (automated, daily) backups. Made at midnight.

"Time-machine" setup that allows us to revert your website to midnight state for 14-days back.

Full backup of your website will be provided to you per your request in an archive form (zip, tar). 

We do not want you to install and run compute and storage intensive plugins to create backups. We have much better and much more efficient solutions in place for these tasks. 




Usage and resource limits

There is no "unlimited" hosting and neither is WPX. We set usage limits high enough that most sites will not reach. Most of these limits are "soft limits" so your site will not suffer or stop working if you reach them, but can be charged extra.

Usage quotas Included Desc.
Disk usage 15GB Space above 15GB is charged extra. Can be purchased extra up to 1TB.
Database size 100MB Space above 100MB is charged extra. Can be purchased extra up to 10GB.
Uncached requests (FastCGI = MISS) 15.000/month Most of the visits on your site should be cached (HIT). Usage above is charged extra.
Cached requests (FastCGI = HIT) 150.000/month Most of the visits on your site should be cached (HIT).
Redis size 20MB Can be purchased extra if needed.
PHP opCache 64MB Your site will work if this value is exceeded, only slower. Big plugins like WooCommerce can demand more than 64MB. Can be purchased extra if needed.
Bandwidth Per case If you need a lot of bandwith caused by pictures, pdfs... we will ask/help you to set a free or premium CDN.

If you regularly need more than this, give us a call to discuss your case.

Resource usage is tracked and monitored by our internal tools. Regular reports that will be available to website owners are in preparation. Until then we will contact site owner in case of usage issues.

We provide solutions based on best-effort, transparency and fair usage policy. Abusive usage, misconduct or other types of wrongdoing are prohibited. We hold our right to limit or suspend hosting by users acting in such manner.


Reseller program

  • We help you provide a top hosting solution for your customers
  • Include you on a list of partners that we recommend to customers who need building or help with their website
  • Valuable assistance in terms of restoring a site from a backup, troubleshooting,...
  • Consulting regarding our setup, LEMP performance, proposed updgrades
  • Be notified about new solutions and our in-house development
  • Contact us:

Do I need global CDN with WPX?

WPX is fast enough that you do not need a global CDN for serving cached page content (like Cloudflare APO). Users in EU region will get a server response in 50-300ms and will likely not notice a "laggy feeling" that the site is not responsive. Users on the other side of the planet will get app. 500ms response times. If this is something you really nedd - than global CDN is an option. What you need to know is that is comes with a tradeoff - you get another layer of cache between the data on your server and the user. Additional errors are more likely to occur.
CDN for static resources (pictures, pdf files, css...) is always advisable and a good option.



  1. Order your desired package from our SHOP or contact us via email
  2. Edit DNS settings of your domain to point to our IP ( and send us an email when done.
  3. After a confirmed payment and a pointed domain we'll set up your hosting and SSL certificates and send you: 
    • Username + password to log in to Wordpress Admin area
    • Hidden URL for your login page

From here on we take care of servers and hosting to the best of our abillities while you can enjoy editing and serving your site to your users.


Contact us if you need help with:

  • Registering your domain
  • Configuring DNS settings to point your domain to our servers
  • Migrate your existing Wordpress site to our hosting if you already have a website
  • Need a temporary domain if you want to prepair your new site on WPX before you redirect your visitors. We can change main database settings from a tmp domain to your primary domain when all set.


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